Laying & Cleaning


Position the product according to the installation pattern decided. As natural stones, the individual tiles do not have a uniform colour, so we suggest at this stage to position them to obtain an optimal final result.


Recommended adhesive: Kerakoll H40 Eco Flex or Mapei Keraflex or similar.


Proceed by spreading a thin layer of adhesive using the notched trowel not exceeding 3 mm on the laying surface.
Spread a layer of adhesive using the smooth squeegee over the entire raw face of the tile.
Glue the tile to the surface.


A professional installation requires perfect flatness between the tiles laid, whether they are small or large.
Use self-levelling spacers to make the surface perfectly flat.


Glue cleaning: Immediately remove any excess glue from the joints with a wet sponge and clean up any remaining glue in the joint. This would be visible from the outside and would not allow the stucco to penetrate between the stones.




for wet or small areas we suggest Epoxy Micro Grout colour Midnight Black 22.
for larger areas and for decorated collections we suggest Resin-cement Grout Kerakoll Fugabella colour 11.
The grout colour affects the final aesthetic appearance of the installed product; we suggest a tone on tone colour.


Recommended joint: 2 mm


IMPORTANT: Spread the joint evenly over the entire surface, to avoid haloing at joints.


Cleaning grout: Remove grout from tile surface as soon as it starts to dry.


WARNING: The pot life of the putty is approximately 80 minutes at 21°C, after complete mixing of the components. It should be noted that the pot life is subject to many variables, including the consistency of the grout mix and the surface and ambient temperature. High temperatures, for example, shorten the working time, while cold temperatures lengthen it.


For further installation information, please refer to the installation manual.

Cleaning after laying

Wash the installed surface with a specific neutral detergent (see recommended product sheet).


Floors can be treated with a mono brush, wet vacuum, mop, and cloth. After thoroughly cleaning and wetting the surface, distribute the solution evenly.


Using a single-disc machine with a non-abrasive disc or a mop with a cloth, clean vigorously. In the latter case, it is recommended to rinse the mop frequently in the washing solution. Rinse thoroughly with clean water, using a vacuum cleaner if necessary.


Allow drying 24-48 hours (timeframe to be evaluated and possibly expanded according to actual site conditions).




Final treatment:
Once the installation is complete, apply a water-based oil-repellent product and a water-based anti-dirt product to protect both the stone and the joint (see recommended products). Follow the instructions on the packaging.
To avoid possible dripping of the product to stain the material, it is recommended to always apply from the bottom upwards for vertical surfaces.


Allow drying 24-48 hours before use.


When the treatment is complete, cover the area with non-woven fabric and cardboard so that the surface remains protected during the remaining stages of the construction site. It is particularly important to use several layers of fabric for paving so that any possible breakage of the fabric due to workers’ continuous passage does not expose the stone to stains or damage.

Daily cleaning and maintenance

For routine maintenance of the surfaces always use neutral detergents (see recommended products sheet). Under no circumstances should aggressive products be used that can irreparably damage the surface of the stone (such as acids or anti-limescale products).


Pay attention to the hardness of your water: the harder it is, the more the soaps’ cleansing power will decrease. Therefore, it is important to clean the surfaces more frequently to prevent limescale and mould formation.

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