All materials must be stored under cover, protected from sun, rain and moisture until used on site.


IMPORTANT: Check that there is sufficient material to complete the job. If not, order material from the same batch (same or similar production block).


Open the packaging and check the good condition of the product. Do not install the stones if any damage is found or if the material does not comply. Notify your dealer in good time.


No claims will be accepted once the product is installed.

Rules and tricks

Clean the stains as soon as possible.


All our products, whether tables, kitchen tops, bathroom tops, washbasins, or shower trays receive three coats of acid-proof sealing treatment which delays the absorption of stains.
For floor or wall coverings, make sure that the person who will install the material applies the same treatment.
This will give a couple of extra hours to clean up a stain from wine, coffee or whatever else is spilt. If the stain is left too long, it will penetrate beyond the sealant and may leave a mark, which is why it is always best to remove it as quickly as possible.


Avoid abrasive cleaners, ammonia, bleach, acid and descaling agents, including ‘home remedies’ based on lemon, baking soda and the like. All you need is a neutral detergent, e.g., Marseille soap or similar.


If the stone is constantly exposed to hard water, it is necessary to clean the surfaces frequently so that soap scum, limescale, etc. do not have a chance to spread and solidify.


It is strongly recommended not to place hot objects such as kettles or pots directly on the stone as they may cause staining or alter the surface.

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